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Dual Input Battery Charger

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It’s time to take charge and pull the plug.

Many people across the country rely on auxiliary batteries for power when they’re away from home. RV owners aren’t always able to ‘hookup’ to convenient AC power and 4WD enthusiasts like to take along some home comforts when boondocking or dry camping.

Then there are the millions of people who rely on auxiliary batteries for their jobs in order to power their equipment such as a dump trucks, food vans or to charge power tools.

But dump trucks don’t dump and coffee and snacks don’t get heated if you don’t have a proper way to charge your auxiliary batteries. Luckily, REDARC has the solution.

In-vehicle dual battery chargers

REDARC offer the best in-vehicle battery charger range on the market that are ideal for anyone wishing to go off-grid, ensuring they have the battery power required to use 12 or 24 volt equipment when travelling.

Compact in size, REDARC’s SEMA award winning BCDC In-vehicle Dual Battery Chargers can be mounted in a variety of places for flexible installation options, from the engine bay to the inside or outside of a van or trailer.

With features like fully-sealed electronics and fan-free cooling, water, dust and vibration are no match for these in-vehicle battery chargers.