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DC Power Supply

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Safety, comfort, efficiency and productivity are paramount when it comes to the devices you rely on during those long hauls. Electrical noise and instability can be the enemy of these sensitive devices, where clean and stable power is critical.

So, before you hit the road, make sure you get the built-in protection and power you need from one of REDARC’s DC Power Supplies (DPS).

Choose from our line-up of DC Power supplies that are equipped for 12 or 24 volt outputs which provide regulated power from a 9 to 32 volt input.

Built and designed around the award-winning In-vehicle Dual Battery Charger platform, DPS units provide constant, regulated power for all types of loads.

DPS units are available in 12-volt (25 amp and 40 amp) or 24 volt (10 amp and 20 amp) variants, each with three user selectable output voltages (12.0, 13.7 and 14.5 volts or 24.0, 27.4 and 29.0 volts), designed to suit the specific requirements of any load.