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Charge Equalizer

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The REDARC range of Charge Equalizers is designed for use where 12 volt power is drawn from one battery in a two battery 24 volt system and ensures one battery is not being drained of its power or charged unevenly. Not only will a Charge Equalizer extend the lifetime of your batteries, it will also keep your speciality equipment running smoothly and safely.

Available in two models, the 25 amp (CE25) and 40 amp (CE40S2), REDARC Charge Equalizers will split battery power evenly and manage the charge of a 12 volt supply in a 24 volt vehicle.

The state-of-the-art 25 and 40 amp models feature automatic isolation and boast the most efficient design and compact hardware available.

All REDARC Charge Equalizers are manufactured to withstand the harshest conditions, are ideal for commercial needs and designed using the same rugged technology as REDARC’s BCDC In-vehicle Dual Battery Charge.